Remembering a Warrior: Prudence Mabele



Some people are made of change, of strength, of will and of resilience. You have been an inspiration to us all, with an unrelenting sense of fearlessness that serves as our only comfort in this time of mourning. Your life was a celebration of sisterhood and of solidarity. You stood with those who others would have ignored.

Your historic work in the fight for the rights of South African women living with HIV to secure affordable accessible treatment and your solidarity as you stood with Fezeka aka ‘Khwezi’ during the rape trial of Jacob Zuma are testament to your strength of character and willingness to stand up for the rights of those who could not always stand up for themselves.

We are honored to have known you and worked with you in your tireless efforts in the Treatment Action Campaign and the 1 in 9 Campaign. You were never afraid to carve out new and necessary paths and as a strong advocate for the marginalized, you stood with communities and people living with and affected by HIV. Your work on LGBTI rights was both inspirational and moving to those who had the privilege to know and walk with you. Your identity informed so much of your politics – and your vision was of change not only on a global scale but also of change on a community level. It was this deep and personal passion that many of us came to associate with you. Though you are gone, memories of your fire, and strength remain.


Rest in Peace and Power Prudence.

You are missed. You are loved. You are remembered.