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Grantee Highlight: Wealth for Smallholder Women Peanut Farmers in Muwena

YFG 21 Jan flyer 2

The Young Feminists Gathering (YFG)


Grantee Highlight: Public Health Uganda tackles HIV/AIDS, on all fronts.

SAYWHAT officials at the CEO Forum

Grantee Highlight:  SAYWHAT Shares New Documentary on the SRHR Defenders Program in Zimbabwe


A Peculiar Debut: Jennifer Thorpe on her new Novel The Peculiars, and what Inspires her Writing.


Join in the Conversation: The African Diaspora Women’s Forum

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The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is a grantmaking foundation that supports local, national and regional women’s organizations working towards the empowerment of African women and the promotion and realization of their rights.   

AWDF - Dianne Abbot February 2016

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