Health and Reproductive Rights

We focus on supporting organisations that generate resources and training to support women’s mental, maternal, and reproductive health.

These organisations and groups strive to support advocacy, legislative and policy reform, research, care and support, education, and communication. These efforts should center on supporting and dispelling stigma from women’s mental, maternal, and reproductive health, including breast cancer and family planning.

In turn, these organisations will seek to achieve the following goals:

  • Increased national spending on health (as agreed in the Abuja Declaration on Health), and increased health services for more individual countries.
  • More people trained to provide reproductive health education and advocacy messages.
  • More support for breast cancer and family planning through implementation of the Maputo Plan of Action.
  • Improved service provisions, including more TBA and more health personnel.
  • More education on women’s reproductive health rights.
  • Improved awareness of health and well-being, and a reduction in stigma and discrimination on reproductive health issues.

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