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Grantee Highlight: SAYWHAT Shares New Documentary on the SRHR Defenders Program in Zimbabwe

As dialogues surrounding sexual and reproductive health take a more visible place on university campuses, young people around the world, particularly young women, have worked towards inciting meaningful discussions and solutions to the challenges they face. In the African context, this conversation manifests in the organisation of innovative programs such as the “Reproductive Health Rights […]

Grantee Highlight: Public Health Uganda tackles HIV/AIDS, on all fronts.

  Today, a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS no longer means a death sentence. For many women, however, the situation can quickly turn into one. While many constraints to accessing affordable medication exist, there are other complex factors at hand. Even with the right medication, the stigma, discrimination and injustice surrounding the illness can easily erase promise […]

Women Lead The Charge In Post-Ebola Guinea

By Bille McTernan CONAKRY, Guinea – A women’s cooperative saw its work almost reduced to ashes after years of work as the Ebola outbreak ravaged the West African country of Guinea, but the women would have the last say.Djakagbe Kaba has spent decades working towards women empowerment. Despite the setbacks during the Ebola outbreak, she […]

Grantee Highlight: Wealth for Smallholder Women Peanut Farmers in Muwena

Women smallholder farmers comprise an average of 43 percent of the agricultural labour force of developing countries. In Africa in particular, many communities depend on women to grow most of the food they eat, yet they continue struggle with lack of access to capital, land, agricultural inputs, tools and technology needed to move up to large […]

Grantee Highlight: Tuli Wamu Nawe- Fighting Stigma and Discrimination to end the spread of HIV/AIDS

Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU), a not-for-profit youth-led organisation, and a grantee of the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), is running an anti-HIV stigma and discrimination project focusing specifically on young women and girls living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Dubbed “Tuli Wamu Nawe,” meaning “We are together with You”, the project aims to use peer education and training to help […]

Grantee Highlight: Post-Ebola Women’s Groups Need Funding

By Amba Mpoke-Bigg, Communications and Fundraising Specialist at the African Women’s Development Fund MONROVIA, Liberia – I was woken from deep sleep by my middle child one night a few months ago. She was burning hot to the touch, whispered that she wasn’t well, then she threw up – as did her younger sister who […]