Arts, culture and sports

We focus on supporting organisations that create and share new, feminist narratives about African women through literature, sports, music, crafts, film, photography and visual art.

These organisations and groups use popular culture and art to build confidence in young women, take women’s rights issues to wider audiences, and strengthen positive narratives about African women.

These efforts may result in events and mediums with strong women’s rights themes, like film and music festivals, feature films and television, art exhibitions, and training and research. They may also support sports with positive messaging for women and girls.

In turn, these organisations will seek to achieve the following goals:

  • Mobilise a new, younger demographic to champion women’s rights.
  • Challenge negative stereotypes of women.
  • Train new female African writers, artistes, and athletes.
  • Create more narratives, music festivals, documentaries, and research projects that promote women’s rights.
  • Create more activities organized around the AWDF’s Women In Film Forum.
  • Document, popularise and share narratives of African women’s lives, and increase exhibitions of their contributions to culture and the arts.

PWN young girl dancer


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