#FacesofLeadership: Meet the women of the Ceo Forum, Valnora Edwin.

The CEO Forum and coaching programme, designed by African feminists, develops the individual and collective leadership skills of women leaders who are at different points in their careers (senior, mid-level and emerging). As a Capacity Building Programme, this space also addresses critical gap areas while strengthening institutional and governance structures and providing an enabling framework […]

AWDF launches the Flourish Project with support from NoVo’s Radical Hope Fund

AWDF is thrilled to have been selected for support under the NoVo Foundation’s Radical Hope fund- a bold and imaginative initiative that seeks to support efforts focused on nurturing the movements we need and deepening our collective ability to build a more just and balanced world. We are looking to re-inspire radical hope amongst African […]

Updated AWDF Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy for GDPR compliance. This means that we will include an opt-out mechanism anytime we send you material, and always notify you whenever we revise the policy. To read the full Privacy Policy, please click here