Women’s Human Rights: A Look at AWDF Grant Best Practices

Within the strategic plan, AWDF prioritised issues under the WHR thematic area which included Violence against women: ending impunity, practical support to survivors of violence, Fundamentalisms: religious, cultural, political, economic, legal and social, Property rights: ownership, inheritance, access, control of assets and Citizenship. The grantee portfolio at the time included initiatives that addressed the following issues including: legal, policy development and reform, movement building using The Charter of Feminist Principles for African Feminists, awareness raising through campaigns, events, media outreach on issues listed above, research and documentation, practical support to women affected by the thematic issues,training and capacity building. The purpose of the evaluation
was to increase organisational learning by assessing AWDF and grantee partners. It was designed to understand AWDF and performance between 2009-2011. The evaluation used relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability as an overarching framework. The analysis of the report was guided by the social change matrix, a tool utilised by the Global Fund for Women for internal reflection practices. It is our hope that the findings over that period of time will only continue to strengthen the work of AWDF as well as deeper understandings and practices in women’s human rights.


Women’s human rights – A look at AWDF’s best practices