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Support our Resource Centre with books and information about African women and feminism. (You’ll find these resources for free public use at the AWDF head office in Accra, Ghana.)

AWDF Impact

Since 2010, the Resource Centre at the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF head office in Accra) has been a regenerating space for women to read, write, research, learn and share new knowledge with one another, all within a safe and comforting environment.

The Resource Centre hosts 25 collections containing over 3,000 items – books, magazines, journals, special reports, films and music – that illustrate works by and for African women in service of mobilizing momentum for the women’s rights movement. The Resource Centre provides free high-speed, WiFi Internet access, for women visitors, during opening hours [M, W, F 9am – 5pm].

AfriREP, AWDF’s online repository, is a resource haven of evidence documenting the vitality of the women’s rights movement across Africa. AfriREP is an open access archive to the public where articles can be downloaded for free.

You can support our Resource Centre by donating books, films, music, newspapers, magazines, journals or other information. Articles, eBooks, interviews and more can be digitally donated to AfriREP (email [email protected]).

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