Health and Reporductive Rights portfolio: A look back at the last 14 years of thematic grantmaking and recommendations for moving forward

In an effort to ensure that the HRR thematic area remains relevant to women’s needs and reflect current and emerging issues that affect health and reproductive rights of women in Africa, AWDF commissioned an independent consultant (Ms. Everjoice J. Win) to conduct an evaluation of the thematic HRR area. This report is an abridged version of the findings from that assessment. To obtain a full copy of the evaluation, please contact Ms. Zeytuna Abdella Feyissa-Azasoo, the M&E
Specialist at AWDF.

  • The overall objectives of the HRR evaluation were:
  • To document and assess the work of AWDF in this thematic area, examining the relevance
    of selected priorities;
  • To understand major challenges that have contributed to low patronage of the thematic
    area and suggest improvements;
  • To identify current and emerging HRR issues of importance to African women.

To read the report in Full please click the link below:

Health and Reporductive Rights portfolio – Look back