Grantee Recognition Survey Report: 2018

Grantees Recognition Survey forms part of AWDF’s monitoring and evaluation instruments used to assess and ascertain the profound impact grantees are making in the lives of women and on the continent at large. AWDF has provided grants and technical support to over 1,340 women’s organisations in 43 out of the 54 countries in Africa and 2 Middle East countries, since the beginning of its operation in 2001. These organisations are doing outstanding work by contributing to improving living conditions of beneficiaries, increased recognition and inclusion of women’s rights issues in the development agenda and the continuous struggle for social justice in their communities. As a result of these remarkable works, they have earned recognitions and influence in their localities / communities, countries, on the continent and beyond. The survey showcases the recognition/awards of AWDF’s grantees and also highlights the role AWDF played.

These awards / recognition come in different forms and AWDF seeks to systematically track and document such recognitions/awards annually making use of online survey through google forms. For the 2018 survey, questionnaires were sent through Google forms to 54 organisations who received funding above $5,000 in 2016 (48 from Anglophone countries and 6 from francophone countries).

Recognition Survey Report -2018