Frequently Asked Questions

No. The AWDF does not fund individual people, or provide scholarships.

The AWDF is not affiliated with any regional agency, international agency, or government. It is an autonomous initiative set up by three African women actively working on social justice and women’s rights issues.

No. The AWDF is a grant-making organisation. It is not involved in micro-financing.

In the past, the AWDF has worked with a variety of donors committed to supporting the establishment of a philanthropic institution in Africa for women. See our partners.

The AWDF gives grants for projects related to any of our three thematic areas. We expect applicants to show relevant, reasonable costs in their project proposals. We give grants to national and regional organisations for organisational growth and development. We also give grants for capital costs such as purchase of computers, printers, and photocopiers.

We support African women’s organisations that are local, national, sub-regional or regional, from any part of Africa. Local women’s organisations should send in the names of two referees, one of whom should be a member of a national women’s organisation.

The AWDF will make grants in two cycles each year, but you can send in applications at any time.

Organisations can apply for grants ranging from USD $8000 to $100,000. (However, most grants will be for less than the maximum amount.) Grants over USD $20,000 will only be made to organisations that operate on a regional basis.