Equality Fund

Equality Fund logo on white background

Designed by women, for women, the Equality Fund brings together philanthropists, investors and government to deliver unparalleled resources supporting gender equality outcomes in Canada and around the world.
This is a ground-breaking collaboration that combines international feminist grant-making and community foundation support with an innovative investment arm, delivering new momentum for women’s movements and supporting the advancement of gender equality globally. Specifically, The Equality Fund offers a three-part strategy:
a bold philanthropic strategy that invites governments, individuals, families, foundations, and private sector partners in Canada and beyond to build and sustain the Equality Fund;
strategic grants and support to organizations, networks and movements that are building feminist change around the world; and
an innovative gender-lens investment model that will generate social impact and financial returns to both investors and the Equality Fund.

The Equality Fund collective is made up of:

  • The MATCH International Women’s Fund (The MATCH Fund)
  • African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF),
  • Calvert Impact Capital,
  • Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF),
  • Community Foundations of Canada (CFC),
  • Philanthropy for Advancing Women’s Human Rights (PAWHR),
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC),
  • Toronto Foundation,
  • World University Service of Canada WUSC),
  • Oxfam Canada
  • Yaletown Partners.

To read more, visit the Equality Fund website