Dinnah Nabwire is responsible for steering institutional initiatives to generate, analyse and utilise knowledge to shape sustainable feminist philanthropy in Africa.

For 10 years, Dinnah has led research, documentation, learning, policy and advocacy for nonprofits with placements in Uganda and Washington DC. Most recently, she led technical collaborations for the research to practice transition of the Uganda Ministry of Gender-led Violence Against Children Survey (VACS). She also managed the establishment of a community-led model learning site in Northern Uganda which was co-created from the VACS data, a corroborative formative qualitative study and lessons from implementing the national INSPIRE strategies’ pilot in Central Uganda.

Dinnah holds a Masters of Gender, Education and International Development from the University College London and a Bachelors’ of Social Work from the Uganda Christian University.

She is a prochoice feminist, passionate about sexual and reproductive health rights for women. She is an everyday Rotarian, a lover of art and a walker.