Capacity Building Programme

AWDF’s capacity building programme provides technical skills and trainings aimed at developing and strengthening grantees’ organisations and their work. Below are some of the programmes we offer:

A. Technical Programmes

  • Resource Mobilisation Programme: This is a 4-day intensive participatory programme aimed at supporting AWDF grantee partners to develop resource mobilisation strategies in support of their fundraising efforts.
  • Financial Management Training: This 3-day workshop is designed for finance staff of AWDF supported groups and is aimed at strengthening their capacity to manage and report on donor funds.
  • Results Based Framework: Based on the AWDF’s “Results-Based Framework,” this biennial training is designed to help managers and programme officers create a similar evaluation framework for their own organisations and other women’s rights groups.
  • Health and Safety Training: By creating awareness of work-related accidents, injuries, and diseases, this programme ensures that grantees’ products and environment meet nationally certified standards. This targeted, on-site programme focuses on health, food safety and environmental hazards in food processing, production and agriculture.

B. Specialised Convenings

The AWDF’s specialised convenings are focused on leadership, management and governance development. These are unique spaces for collective thinking, strategizing and learning directed towards organisational leaders, executive directors, and board members of women’s rights organisations.

C. Thematic Convenings and Workshops

These annual structured workshops help grantees, partners, donors, academics and policy-makers gain deeper insights, awareness and new strategies for current and emerging issues relevant to women’s rights and development in Africa.

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