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Grantee Profile: The Sunrise Campaign; How female support and empowerment let us grow

Children in well-worn school uniforms play on the dirt road that runs past the small, red-brick structure on the corner of an unnamed street in Orange Farm, about 45km south of Johannesburg in South Africa’s Gauteng province. Established in 1988, Orange Farm is one of South Africa’s youngest township, with the original inhabitants consisting predominantly […]

Grantee Profile: Gender Links – Don’t Get Angry, Get Smart

Gender Links – for equality and justice From the outside, the unassuming red-brick house in Johannesburg’s southern suburbs does not look like much. From the street, it would be near impossible to guess that these are the offices of one of Southern Africa’s leading women’s rights organisations. Gender Links is a small organisation with a […]

AWDF Grantee Recognition Survey 2019

Fonds de Développement des Femmes Africaines (AWDF) is a Pan-African grant making organisation that funds local, national and regional autonomous women’s rights organisations in Africa and the Middle East, that are working towards the promotion and realisation African Women’s Rights. Since the beginning of its operation in 2001, AWDF has awarded grants and provided technical support to […]

OFFRE D’EMPLOI : Leading from the South : Animated Introduction Video

Introduction Leading from the South (LFS) is a feminist philanthropic fund and alliance conceptualised and managed by four leading women’s funds: Fonds de Développement des Femmes Africaines (AWDF), Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (FMS), International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI) / AYNI Fund (AYNI), and Women’s Fund Asia (WFA). LFS supports women’s rights activism and lobbying efforts by […]

A Practical Handbook for Financial Management

At AWDF we believe that in order to achieve impacts towards our collective mission of advancing our women’s rights we also need to dedicate resources to help build the capacity of changemaker organisations. As a donor, AWDF aims to support best practice financial management both internally and also amongst our grantees. We acknowledge that financial […]

Interning at the African Women’s Development Fund (Summer 2019)

By: Sabine Afodanyi, Knowledge Management Intern I began my internship with the African Women’s Development Fund with eagerness and desire to soak in as much knowledge as I can concerning African feminism. I had the opportunity of interning with the Knowledge Management department, which is responsible for archiving and analyzing feminist knowledge produced by the […]


Gender activists from across Southern Africa launch the#VoiceandChoice 2019 Barometer alongside the State of Women in SADC 2019 report. The Barometer has been produced for the last eleven years by the Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance, a network of Women’s Rights Organisations that campaigned for the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development in 2008, its updating and […]

Preventing Violence against Women: A Primer for African Women’s Organisations

Why this primer? This primer provides an overview of key terms, trends, approaches, and evidence used to frame violence against women (VAW) prevention programming. It is designed to strengthen programming, advocacy, and research for evidence-based violence against women prevention in Africa. We hope that it will both contribute to individual learning and promote collective knowledge […]

Annual Report 2019: Deepening Roots

  Deepening Roots is a report on our achievements, learnings and growth in 2018. We strongly believe in the power and potential of African women to shape our own destinies and this report is a testament to all the growth work that continues to guide our cause. The report has been structured across three major […]