Sarah Abena Benewaa Fosu – Knowledge Management Assistant

Benewaa is a Knowledge Management Assistant. She works with the Knowledge Management Specialist to produce analysis, generate new knowledge around women’s rights in Africa, and collaborates to communicate the impact of AWDF’s work and the work of its grantees, advocacy and movement building partners. She oversees the running of the resource centre and online repository. […]

Grantee Profile: Gender Links – Don’t Get Angry, Get Smart

Gender Links – for equality and justice From the outside, the unassuming red-brick house in Johannesburg’s southern suburbs does not look like much. From the street, it would be near impossible to guess that these are the offices of one of Southern Africa’s leading women’s rights organisations. Gender Links is a small organisation with a […]

Birthing Leaders: Stories of Change in African Women’s Organisations

In 2015 AWDF launched its Leadership and Governance programme, a capacity building initiative that sought to nurture growth in African women’s organisations by feeding the hearts of the organisations themselves- in dedicated one-on-one and collective coaching with senior and mid-level leaders, and with governance boards. The investments were aimed at growing feminist leadership and governance, […]