Unlocking the Doors. Feminist Insights for Inclusion in Governance, Peace and Security

By: Dr. Awino Okech

This is the third in a series of three African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) primers entitled Feminist Perspectives on Governance, Peace and Security. The primers are intended to:
1. Offer a review of the major debates on women, governance, peace and security in Africa.
2. Review and analyse women’s movements’ interventions in governance, peace and security.
3. Offer a set of policy and advocacy priorities based on political and practical realities.
4. Benefit women’s rights activists, organisations and people in government at the frontline of local and national mobilization initiatives seeking to enhance women’s leadership.
5. Assist in building alliances and structuring support across various institutions working towards enhancing women’s political participation.

This is the third primer in the series. It analyses the successes and gaps in women’s movements’ approaches to the intersections between governance and the security complex. These insights are based on AWDF’s analysis of some of the major challenges confronting movement building in the areas of governance, peace and security. With these primers, our objective is to re position feminist politics as a fundamental expression of accountability to our cause and constituencies, and to provide an opportunity for advancing individual and collective learning.

Primer Three Unlocking the Doors