Host a movie night

We love creating and sharing diverse stories about African women. Check out our list of affiliated filmmakers, and organize a screening and discussion in your hometown.

Every year, there are more films being released by women filmmakers or prominently featuring stories about women. In fact, AWDF has supported a number of projects by African women filmmakers.

One way of spreading the word about the word of AWDF and our grantee partners, is to host a movie night. This screening can be private or public, at your home, church, community center, or local movie theater. The screening can be a way to increase awareness or to fundraise and generate support for women rights organizations in Africa.

Here are some points to consider when hosting a movie night:

  1. Identify a film that you would like to screen. The film can be short or feature-length, fiction or documentary and of any genre. The film can be a part of your personal collection, rented or found online. With many independently funded films, you will have to contact the filmmaker directly.
  2. Would you like to raise awareness about the film and corresponding issues in your community? Are you passionate about raising funds to support a women’s organization on the continent? Decide the motivation for hosting a movie night.
  3. If this is a fundraising event, money can be generated in multiple ways including purchase of tickets, sale of food and/or beverages, or a donations box. Note that if tickets are sold for the film, you will need to pay for film licensing costs at or another film licensing site or secure permission from the filmmaker to show the film. Another option is to work with a movie theatre to screen the movie so they bear the costs, if any, for licensing.
  4. Create a visual flyer with the pertinent information about the movie night and share with your networks.
  5. Obtain a projector (if needed) and a screen or a clean, bare white wall for screening. A speaker system will also be needed.
  6. Following the film, feel free to engage in a discussion on the film and related current event issues. What has been learned and what information can be shared with others? Encourage attendees to continue the conversation with family, friends, and to activate other discussions on their social media platforms.
  7. Share photos, videos and write-ups on the event with AWDF at @awdf01.

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Host a movie night