Progress Report on AWDF’s HIV/AIDS Fund

Sexual and reproductive rights are the key neglected dimension on HIV/AIDS policy, programming and resource allocation. Failure to protect girl’s and women’s sexual and reproductive rights leads to infection, therefore, access to sexual and reproductive health services, education and protection of sexual and reproductive rights are an essential part of the struggle against the pandemic.

The role of AWDF’s HIV/AIDS Fund, which was launched in November 2005, is to provide access to resources for African women’s local, national or regional initiatives to fight the pandemic, and to enable the many women who are infected live lives of dignity and hope. The HIV/AIDS Fund was launched with the prize money of ₤100,000 awarded by the Sigrid Rausing Trust in 2005, who recognized the Executive Director of AWDF, Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi for her work in promoting women’s rights in Africa. The HIV/AIDS Fund received an additional boost at the official launch in November 2005 with a U$1m grant from the Nelson Mandela Foundation- 46664 Project.

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