Health and Safety Manual

This guide is for African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) grantees and other women’s rights organisations working in agri and food processing. Its goal is to provide important information on food health and safety practices that you can put into practice. When you do this, your business will get a good name. More people will want to be your customers. Your business will grow and you will earn income for your livelihoods.

We all use, process and sell food in our own different ways. But there are certain rules about food safety that apply to us all. We must make sure we manage our businesses in a safe way so that we don’t have injuries. And so our customers get healthy food.

This guide:

• explains how food gets contaminated
• tells you what signs to look out for
• shows how to prevent food you work with from making people sick
• offers tips and check lists to help you manage health and safety at work
• offers some activity ideas and ways to share this important information.

Find the entire guide here: Health & Safety Manual