#FacesofAdvocacy: SWID recounts the journey towards Women’s Land rights in Uganda.

Advocacy leads to transformation and Slum Women’s Initiative for Development (SWID) has demonstrated the importance of transformation on the issue of Land rights in Uganda. SWID works on a spectrum of issues: land rights, women’s rights, food security as well as environmental protection. They understand how issues of land, the environment and food are interwoven, and how all of these issues directly impact women. They empower rural women farmers through advocacy and educational activities for easy access to land to invest in profitable agriculture which will result in high yields, thereby enhancing food security as well as income.

Below are two grantee stories from SWID, the grantee we profiled HERE last week.

  1. Florence Elume, a widow with two children and a vice chair of SWID has this to say:

“I used to be a teacher and when I went on pension I started farming and raring rabbits and goats. I acquired a land but didn’t have a title to it. SWID trained me in leadership and helped me know my rights. I now know how to make will, lobby stakeholders: municipal council, NGOs to help my fellow women on our needs. I know how to process land title and know the steps I need to follow. The process we undertook to get the land title has also created harmony in our community. I have my land title that I know I have full ownership of my land. This title means a lot to me. Because it assures me that I have security of tenure. I can get loan from the bank for my business. I can even sell it if I wish to do so. I have Power! Power! Power!!”

2. Mariam Kajoda, a beneficiary of SWID’s program had this to say as well:

“I am a farmer- I cultivate land and also rare goats. I appreciate the director of SWID who mobilized us to acquire land titles and also helped us come out of ignorance and know our rights as women. I am now a woman who can contribute to development. Now we have a voice to pursue justice. I have built a house and now I have title of ownership. I have 99 years lease of the land where the house is. I appreciate AWDF for the support given us to process the title, the training that helped us get power and knowledge. “United is Power”. This power has given me success as my children are also on the title. I can use my title as collateral for a loan, but I will be careful not to over use it otherwise I lose my land and my house”.