Call for Consultant: AWDF Communications Audit

Over the past 16 years, AWDF has increased the scope of its work (grantmaking, capacity building, advocacy and fundraising) within its mandate. As the programmes and the income of the organisation grows, the communications function becomes ever more vital. Additionally, the role, methodologies and visions of communications in the human rights field has developed dramatically over the past ten years and AWDF wishes to move with that communications andtechnology growth, innovation and creativity. The projected growth of AWDF income in the next three years has been a trigger for a series of programme audits, of which communications is a key area. The communications audit should provide a clear, reasoned, analytical review and assessment of AWDF’s communications function and propose ways of building on areas of strength and minimising areas
of challenge. The audit should be the basis of moving AWDF further on the road towards having a state of the art communications function for a women’s rights fund.

AWDF is seeking an audit of the entire organisation’s communications as part of our institutional strengthening programme to accelerate our growth,
engagements and to attract new constituencies of funders and allies (in addition to current funders).

Find the entirety of the Terms of Reference below:

TOR – Communications Audit Final