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Request for Expression of Interest: Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Associate

Background The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is a pioneering grant-making foundation headquartered in Accra, Ghana. AWDF was founded by and for African women. It aims to support the work of the African women’s movement for peace, égalité, sustainable development and social justice. Since its founding in 2001, AWDF has continued to support a growing […]

les femmes africaines: The Architects of our Economic Futures.

On September 13-15 2018, AWDF will convene a select group of activists, scholars, researchers and policy shapers to help build and think through a thoughtful, progressive and transformative vision for the future of women in African economies. The African Women’s Development Fund knows the potential of the power that women wield in our shared economic […]

Remembering our Sister Stella Mukasa

A feminist, a passionate champion and advocate for the rights of women, Stella Mukasa was an exemplary human being. Her belief in equality spurred her to challenge patriarchal institutions on all levels of society and governance, and her feminist ethos guided her life and cultivated strong sisterhoods in a wide range of diverse personal and […]

Nana Akosua Hanson

A writer, an actress, and an activist, Nana Akosua Hanson was recently selected as an Obama Foundation leader in recognition of her feminist activism in Ghana. She has worked for seven years in radio and TV and curates a personal blog at She has published articles such as ‘Ebola and the Africa-hating Single Story’, […]

Hawa Yakubu’s Legacy lives on: A conversation with Linda

En 2010, as a part of its efforts to immortalise the works and achievements of African Women whose legacies of community development were not always documented,   AWDF instituted a fund in memory of Hawa Yakubu, a Ghanaian politician, a Member of Parliament in the Fourth Republic of Ghana and also a Minister for Tourism. […]

Putting Women In the Driver’s seat of their own lives: Meet NEWIG’s female drivers

Network of Women in Growth (NEWIG) was formed with the goal of improving the conditions of the less privileged in society, especially women. It does this through economic empowerment, by creating access to vocational training and providing them with a network that could act as political leverage within society. This helps them develop common political […]

Decolonise The Internet: Solidarity Is More than Just A Buzzword.

  By: Maame Akua Kyerewaa-Marfo The fast pace of technology has often made it synonymous with the concept of progress. New Technological developments often came with the presumption of neutrality. They were widely thought of not to have the the weaknesses of human prejudice, just simple–clean–algorithms. Technology could be–at least conceptually–blissfully neutral. However in its […]

Results Based Programming Training: Using Evidence as Fuel for Women’s Organisation

The African Women’s Development Fund believes in supporting our grantees to build their capacity and resourcing them past finances. We also believe in the strength of unity of purpose as demonstrated by our Results Based Programming training which is aimed at reinforcing our knowledge and understanding of our common goals. This flagship programme is part […]