African women: The Architects of our Economic Futures.

On September 13-15 2018, AWDF will convene a select group of activists, scholars, researchers and policy shapers to help build and think through a thoughtful, progressive and transformative vision for the future of women in African economies. The African Women’s Development Fund knows the potential of the power that women wield in our shared economic future and seeks to harness to shape this future.

At the “African Women: Economic Futures” convening we will examine what needs to be done to see that potential grow into tangible results. Participants will also investigate feminist interventions within the economy and how we can further support progressive changes that help ensure that the possibilities of our economic future becomes a reality.

The convening will be part of a larger movement-building process and ongoing conversation and activism around African women’s economic transformation. Some of the questions that will anchor the conversations and creative construction are:

  • What is already being done to build just and secure economic presents and futures?
  • How are African women actively, politically and intentionally creating subversive work/labour practices, and what can we learn from these?
  • What economic models exist that can be engaged in thinking about where to go?

To participate in the conversation please follow the hashtag #AWDFfutures, #Econfutures, #Afrifem as well as our twitter handle @awdf01, where we will be unpacking these topics, and tweeting key thoughts and ideas from the convening. Also look out for future knowledge products that will come out of the amazing work that our participants will be doing over the 3-day period!

Please click here to read the full Futures Report.