#FacesofLeadership: Tanzanian Women’s Cross Party

  TWCP is a trailblazer in building women’s political and leadership capacities and creating spaces for women in politics. They are often consulted during high level political conversations and engage the media on policies that are gender blind. Through their efforts, TWCP has created a safe space for women politicians to interact and work with CSOs, […]

Reflections on Generations of Sisterhood: Journée internationale de la femme 2018

  “Women are not homogenous. We can be different but still find common ground to work together strategically. We cannot, must not, allow age, generation, class, ethnicity, education and professional lives, marital and motherhood statuses, diverse abilities and disabilities to divide us”. Prof Akosua Adomako Ampofo Feminism is sisterhood and sisterhood requires conversation and interrogation […]